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This web site is about

Surviving Amnesia, Repressed Memories

and Controlling Post Traumatic Stress.

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Exactly thirty years ago this year, (2005)  I discovered I had repressed memories.  Today, I feel very fortunate to be here to tell my story.

This web site is about understanding repressed memory.   I want people to understand what repressed memories are and I want people to know that despite the past publicity, the controversy, the mystery surrounding amnesia and repressed memory, it a real phenomenon. 

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that I don't consider repressed memories a disorder.  To call it a disorder puts a label on a person who in reality found a tool to survive insurmountable situations.  This is creativity - not a disorder and it should be treated as such.

If one finds it necessary to label anyone, it should be the one who don't understand the process and attempt to address it in such a manner as to cause damage to the person.

Lack of knowledge,  misunderstanding and controversy hurt victims
of severe trauma.  Too often victims are re-victimized by "experts."   They are misdiagnosed, mismedicated and at times permanently damaged by incompetence in the medical field. 

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It was early nineties when I read an interview of one of our local psychologists in a Northern California magazine.  The interview was about the psychologist and her first encounter with a client she felt had repressed memories.  (She diagnosed as multiple personalities)  

By her own account the psychologist, Dr. Trula LaCalle of Sebastopol, California, did not know what to do.  She went in search of another therapist to consult with her and finally, after she made call after call, she turned up Dr. Paula Reynolds, a Santa Barbara consulting psychologist.  According to Dr. LaCalle, they went over the list of her patient's symptoms and Dr. Reynolds assisted LaCalle in the first session of hypnosis. Then, Dr. LaCalle was on her own and continued "treating" the patient, "despite her uncertainty".

From this experience, continued LaCalle, she went on to treat other patients and a few years later she was  a top expert on the issue of repressed memory, giving lectures and advising therapists from all over.

(LaCalle wrote a book about her experience "Voices" )


Reading this magazine story was chilling.  Tears filled my eyes and I did not know why at first. Only after I could analyze the rush of emotions that filled my heart did I comprehend the value of the magazine interview and how this article related to me. 

I had been working with repressed memories for more than fifteen years when I read the article and for the first time, a professional admitted what I had known for a long time.  They did not understand repressed memory.  Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, they were treating people and they did not know what they were doing.  They did not understand or recognize a person with repressed memory.

I speak from experience and I can categorically say that I would not be here today had I followed the experts' judgments.   Reading the magazine interview gave me courage and it validated what I already knew.   I could not depend on anyone else.  I was alone. 


I knew that if I wanted to survive this I had to develop a plan and depend on myself only.  I worked hard, so very hard. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year.   Non-stop, sometimes discouraging  hard work year after year.  I seemed to find the highest mountains to climb, only to find more obstacles on the other side.   I persisted because I knew I would make it.  Only, I did not know how long and how difficult it would be.  



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